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Knocking Greatness Out of the Park


Ace is developing a love for the game of baseball.  How will he make his dream come true? Follow Ace's journey as he learns the key concepts to achieve greatness.


Knocking Greatness Out of the Park is a children's book written to inspire and motivate readers to dream big, set goals, and MAKE IT HAPPEN. This is a picture book intended for ages 5-9 but can be enjoyed by all generations. Knocking Greatness Out of the Park gives young readers confidence and key concepts that are necessary to be great. Throughout the story, Ace will discover he has the qualities needed to be successful.  This book is based on a true story and characteristics needed to achieve greatness.


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I truly enjoy Knocking Greatness Out of the Park. It is a great book and I enjoyed reading it.

I love the 3 concepts given to achieve greatness. Love the positivity in this book.

My son truly enjoyed this book, he could not put it down.  We love the illustrations and the message that is given.

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